Call for volunteer editors


As a not-for-profit journal covering Asian politics, policy and commentary, Diaspora aims to create a network of academicians, bloggers, journalists and lawyers who can step in for editorial roles and select local issues for a global audience. So, you can be a student of international affairs, public policy or any other area of specialization. You select, decide and curate content as per your editorial judgement.

Some key pointers:

-You need to have a strong command over English. Sometimes, you may have to step in and edit user-generated content (UGC).

-Social media proficiency would be a great asset. But not mandated as compulsory.

-Tracking major news: This would be critical as you will have to keep an eye on politics, policy and other beats from your region.

-You don’t work on any schedule. Just step in when you can once a week after discussing with the main team.

-It’s a voluntary role.

-You will work with editors from various Asian countries on stories or curate content from different sources.

Below are some roles available:

Editor: Pakistan

Editor: Bangladesh

Editor: Nepal

Editor: Japan

Editor: Afghanistan

Editor: Armenia

Editor: Azerbaijan

Editor: Bhutan

Editor: Cambodia

Editor: China

Editor: Georgia

Editor: Israel

Editor: Russia

Editor: Mongolia

Editor: North Korea

Editor: South Korea

Editor: Turkey

Editor: Singapore

Editor: Malaysia

Editor: Maldives

Editor: Jordan

Editor: Myanmar

Editor: Lebanon

Editor: Kyrgyzstan

Editor: Kazakhstan

Editor: Iran

If you’re interested, please email your CV and cover letter to 

We look forward to hearing from you!